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Banana Spider Bite Pics

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Banana Spider Bites

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rlchmond says:


laurel houle says:

need verification on what kind of banana spider this is. please contact me so i can email pix of this spider. thank you for your help.

Lorraine Stevens says:

Work in a shop and have to deal with Bananas and have had spiders come out of boxes. glad that I know what they look like.x

pinkspider1236 says:

vilma are you all ok the spider did not bite ya did it if they are agressive and trying to bite I would destroy the spiders my concern is your safety ok I do care I would not suggest holding or touching these spiders simply because they don't usually like to be messed with I hope my comments have helped you put be happy and have a great life

pinkspider1236 says:

vilma you should be ok those spiders are good for destroying garden pest I believe just don't touch them their web or baby spiders but if the spiders do any harm to you destroy them hope o have answered your question good and correctly

pinkspider1236 says:

they are not extremely toxic spiders the Brazilian wandering spider is 1 of them it's also called a banana spider. you must do research on toxic spiders to know the facts. otherwise these pretty harmless spiders could get destroyed as long as they are not in your house villa you should be fine my brother had 1 of these spider fall on top of his head and it fell off and didn't hurt him no note at all. so they shouldn't bother you at all vilma just don't touch them or their webs or baby spiders and you should be ok

Vilma Suarez says:

We found a lot of them in our ranch in tha fence with tha eggs sack what should we do.

hunter says:

how do you do it with out dying

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